RAILING CALCULATOR app is decision support system that design steel profiles of baluster that are subjected to horizontal actions. Mobile application gives you several optional profiles that sustain horizontal force. The profiles are chosen according to ultimate limit state and checked for serviceability limit state.

Horizontal loading is chosen according to Eurocode 1 (EN 1991-1-1).
Category Specific Use Example Load value kN/m'
A Areas for domestic and residential activities Rooms in residential buildings and houses; bedrooms and wards in hospitals; bedrooms in hotels and hostels kitchens and toilets. 1.0
B Office areas
C Areas where people may congregate (with the exception of areas defined under category A, B, and D) C1: Areas with tables, etc. e.g. areas in schools, cafés, restaurants, dining halls, reading rooms, receptions. 1.0
C2: Areas with fixed seats, e.g. areas in churches, theatres or cinemas, conference rooms, lecture halls, assembly halls, waiting rooms, railway waiting rooms. 1.5
C3: Areas without obstacles for moving people, e.g. areas in museums, exhibition rooms, etc. and access areas in public and administration buildings, hotels, hospitals, railway station forecourts. 1.5
C4: Areas with possible physical activities, e.g. dance halls, gymnastic rooms, stages. 1.5
C5: Areas susceptible to large crowds, e.g. in buildings for public events like concert halls, sports halls including stands, terraces and access areas and railway platforms. 3.0
D Shopping areas D1: Areas in general retail shops 1.5
D2: Areas in department stores
E E1: Areas susceptible to accumulation of goods, including access areas Areas for storage use including storage of books and other documents. 2.0
E2: Industrial use
Partial safety factor for imposed horizontal loading is 1.5.

Ultimate limit state
Design of profile that sustain loading is performed in this state. Calculation is done by assuming that railing load carrying profile works as simply loaded console. The load is settled on top of profile while the bottom is assumed to be rigid support (design scheme below).
Necessary profile and profile capacity is found from bending moment in this state.

Serviceability limit state
Calculations in this state gives value of deflection under action of horizontal loading and serviceability limit state capacity as well.